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3D model of cowkitty
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

HAPPY LIFE DAY. I'm sharing these files today because I want to make sure that...Show more ANYONE who wants to be Jedi Leia for Christmas can do so. <3 ;_;

As a Star Wars & Leia fan for 20+ years, and as a fan of the original EU... you have no idea how moved to tears I was to see my favorite space Princess finally have a lightsaber of her own officially in canon. I can't convey how much it meant to me for this saber to appear on screen.

Not only is it canon, but it's the most beautifully designed canon lightsaber I've ever seen. Her saber hasn't appeared as a Legacy saber in Dok's in Galaxy's Edge yet and there's no ETA, so I decided to make my very own replica in Sketchup.

This is still kinda a work in progress:
Accuracy-wise, I'm going off a very scarce amount of reference material. I expect this design to change as better images because available.
Also, I'm currently trying to design this to be compatible with Savi's Workshop lightsabers, but the skinny neck is going to require some changes on some of the proportions and sizing. (In fact, the Pommel piece already has the correct threads to screw on a Savi saber.)

In the meantime, I wanted to release a non-Savi's "accurate" version. It's hollow in the inside so there's room for your custom electronics too if you're feeling savvy (Savi? Haaaah). If the saber feels too big, you might want to size all the parts down a tiny bit to make it more screen accurate (since it's currently sized for Savi's sabers which tend to be a bit bulkier than Legacy ones).

Doesn't Matter


Designed & oriented to not need supports, especially if your printer has great bridging. If not, you might have some dropped loops inside in the endcap, but you can easily cut those off if wanted.

I recommend printing at .2 or .1 layer height because of the tight overhangs.

Pommel has a 3mm hole for a D-ring.

Print pieces, glue together, then lead a rebellion.
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