Bobblehead Windup Walker Cat by Julian_D

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3D model of petropixel
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Not the most efficient use of a 5-pack of walker mechanisms, but somewhat more...Show more amusing.

Print the head with support.
Catbodyf is the "regular cat" configuration, with all four legs moving forward.
Catbodyproto allows you to install either walker mechanism forward or backwards. I thought running them in opposite directions would result in enhanced bobblehead action at the expense of forward motion, but this was not the case in real-world testing. Removing the mechanisms to switch directions is also much more difficult with the tolerances of my latest Replicator-printed body.

I used the 35mm spring pin for the neck and the 75mm snake pin for the tail. I did not alter the parts, they are interchangeable with the other parts so if you'd rather make a giraffe cat, you can.
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