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Seaside Cottage 2050 imagines the beach lifestyle of the future. A fusion of new...Show more and old, the design takes cues from primitive stilt houses and combines with the functionality of oil rigs. Seaside Cottage 2050 maintains the exclusivity and value of historical beach real estate by building up above the waves. On the surface, Seaside Cottage 2050, is a quaint retreat that embraces simplicity of form and function. An ample lawn provides room for sun bathing and picnics in the ocean breeze while a single chimney ensures year-round comfort during even the most extreme fluctuations in weather patterns. Below, the tower structure keeps the cottage high above even a 5 meter sea level rise with headroom to handle even the largest storm surges. The large water tank like reservoir beneath the structure provides ample storage for the vast supply of materials needed to maintain the modern lifestyle above. Seaside Cottage 2050 celebrates the ability of humanity to adapt to change without being burdened with concern over underlying causes.

This work has been accepted for display at the Outsider Art Fair NYC, (Jan 21-24 2016) in the Curated Space: Babel.

Designed to be printed in 3 parts and then assembled.
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