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Greater America is a portrait of America transformed. This really great 3D...Show more artwork showcases our future. Made in America, this piece is rendered in patriotic red, white and blue. To the east and west the blue states are brought low while the red states are ascendant with white rising to the top. A star representing the nation's capital, built on swampland, is the low point. A new white house towers to the north. A terrific wall to the south keeps America safe from foreign threats. While down the center of the nation, pumps increase energy production through new pipeline.

This piece seeks to visualize the promises of our new leadership in creating an America that is unrecognizable to our past selves.

I invite my fellow designers, artists and Americans to collaborate on this vision of Greater America. Read more…Feel free to remix and add new elements that showcase the changes you see coming in this new era. Trust me, it will be something terrific.
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