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These are small clips that you can use to make 3D models with craft sticks. They...Show more come in several types and I will be designing more types through February.

They require no rafts or support and print quickly.

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Project: popsicle connectors
- Create simple projects using craft sticks and connectors.
- Learn basic architecture principles.
- Learn Tinkercad basics by adjusting premade connectors
- Grades 3-12 can use the connectors to create buildings and bridges.
- Grades 6-12 can use Tinkercad to adjust the pieces if desired.
- Grades 3-6 will need pieces printed for them by their instructor.
- Grades 6-12 will need access to computers with reliable internet connections and be logged into a free Tinkercad account.
- Grades 7-12 will be able to print the pieces themselves while being supervised by their instructor.
- The instructor should be proficient in TinkerCad and confident in answering student questions regarding 3D modeling.
Step 1: Brainstorm designs of potential builds.
Step 2: Turn in final submission for project approval
Step 3: Create a blueprint on paper of design they will be building
Step 4: Create material list of connectors and craft sticks necessary to complete the build.
Step 5: Design and print out pieces necessary for build.
Step 6: Assemble build.
Step 7: Student will self assess final build by comparing material list and blueprint to finished product.

At the end of the project each student will have:

- Student-created STL files of modified Tinkercad connectors
- A blueprint of final build
- Material list
- Self assessment notes
- Final build
- Extra pieces if student did not correctly anticipate needs
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