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3D model of fine_engineer
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is a lifesize Modell of BD-1 from the Computer Game Star Wars Jedi fallen...Show more order.

Important Remark: There is a second file to add Lights and a stim thrower, if you want to add the stim thrower you Need the altered head out of the other Thing, so don´t print the head part in this Thing, as it is the largest part which takes up to 22 Hours to print (on an anycubic s in normal Quality (0.2mm slices).

It´s completely articulated and can be positioned in any Position seen in the game. The Joints are nearly all fitted with notches so the limbs can be moved in 5-10° steps and sit very tight in this positions so that the model stands in any Position or can be placed on the back für Cosplay.
I have printed and assembled it completely before uploading the files. Printing Time is about 100 hours for all parts, the longest single print time ist about 23 hours for the large head-part.
All parts fit on a Printer with 200x200x205 print bed.
You may shrink it to about 80% of the original size, smaler is not possible due to small Details and wall thickness. For most parts there are no Supports needed.

Printing: When the file Name reads (number)x you have to print the part several times, according to the number. F.E.: if ist named (Name) 4x you have to print it 4 times.
If it reads 2x 2xM you have to print it 2 times normal and 2 times mirrored.

Search for BD-1 screenshots to find a color-scheme for the paint-job. I highly recommend to paint all parts before Assembling it.

Nearly 80 Hours of time went into the design, the Assembly and the documents so that it is a accurate representation of BD-1. As I didn´t have any dimensions I had to estimate the size. In crouched Position he´s About 45cm high.
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