A4B Truckspeeder Star Wars Legion Scale by Todd_M

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3D model of fine_engineer
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This is a modell of the A4B truckspeeder from the solo movie.

"Moloch uses...Show more this hulking Trast Heavy Transports A-A4B truckspeeder for White Worm missions in Coronet City or elsewhere on Corellia. His truckspeeder is formidably armored, with a noisy, powerful engine. A forward cage holds a pack of Corellian hounds trained at sniffing out fugitives" [info from starwars.com]

Designed for Star Wars Legion.

I tried to be as screen accurate as possible, minor changes are made to make printing easier and I added a back door and compartment. (its a TRUCK after all, so you should be able to transport things.;-) )

If you want to print it for 3.75" or 6" figures please wait and don´t scale it up, I´m right at the moment preparing the model for this scales and will upload them soon.
The bigger scales will get a battery box and parts to add LED-lights.
Also it will have a moveable Driver seat.
(Legion scale is to small for all that.)

Printing recommendations:

Print the main parts upright standing on the parting side, the door, seat anf cowcatcher lying flat on the side you see on the part-pictures. And as some Details are very small I recommend using high-quality print mode. No supports needed. Wall thickness: 1mm and infill 10%.
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