Cutaway LED Flashlight (solder-free) by Joy_designs

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The models were repaired and checked for printability.

It is an LED flashlight, made entirely out of printed parts and 4 lengths of...Show more conductive thread, plus 2 batteries and 4 LEDs.

Note: If you are thinking to build, I suggest first test-printing the electronics_top, along with a switch_toggle and a peg_cap. I haven't tested it on many printers, and these pieces have the finest tuned tolerances

Tools and Materials
Currently, it has only been thoroughly tested on the MakerBot Replicator, with ABS plastic. Support for Up! soon (but the different tolerances prevent immediate support).

Print using the standard replicator defaults or equivalent, with no raft or support:
1x electronics top
1x electronics bottom
1x tube
1x cap
1x slide_switch
11x peg caps

Also acquire:
4x 5mm LEDs, you probably want white
2x AAA batteries
4x conductive thread -- 2x~12in, 2x~18in
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