A chinese ancient beauty god The goddess of the moon by Naomi_3dmode

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3D model of stronghero
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

there are some story about this woman god,The goddess of the moon
she name Chang er,...Show more she use to be a normal human in earth. her husband is a famous hero, houyi who can kill 8 sun to save people from high heat but he refuse to be a god by invited. this girl have a change go to sky palace, she abandon her lover houyi,swallowed the elixir stolen from her husband , go to Moon palace which is cold all year through.
as lagend said, Jade Emperor who is a dominator in sky palace also admire her beauty.
In Journey to the West, Day Peng also known as Pig eight quit also love chang er, for he want to rape this beauty sweet was punished send to earth as pig shaped man.
Chang er is a beauty god in china.

In present ,chinese manned spacecraft also as her name ,beause she is owner and master in moon.

it is our first design work, we want to do more to improve it to make as easy to print as FDM .
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