Necro Battle Area by charlie_3dde

Model Description
3D model of alphaflight83
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Some 6" x 6" tiles (15,24cm x 15,24cm) for sci-fi wargaming.
I included...Show more some variations on the base design and included a "framed" OpenLOCK base.

Please check the following thing for tiles with the Necromunda house sigils
Look here for OpenLOCK compatible bases in various size.

For walls and stuff please have a look at Eberleg's awesome tiles, doors and greebles, which fit nicely, since the tile size is nearly identical.

If you want to use the bases, you'll have to glue the tiles onto them.
Please use the OpenLOCK clips to connect the tiles afterwards.
(I tried various connection systems, but the OpenLOCK connection is the best in my opinion)

The Necromunda logo was taken from Sirbat's Necromunda Bulkhead 09
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