2X2 and 3x3 Openlock Tiles with Stalagmites by delilah_3dst

Model Description
3D model of ajade
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

Took some Dungeon Tiles and added some Stalagmites. Now we have dungeon tiles with...Show more stalagmites!

Did a test print of these on an Ender 3 with the siepie terrain profile at 0.12 resolution on PLA+, came out wonderfully, the single square tile makes good cover for dwarves, goblins and halflings, the tile with a stalagmite 2 squares wide makes for good cover for medium creatures, while the full tile one gives large creatures somewhere to take cover!

I have included both files with bases and files where you can add your own bases. There are also some 3x3 tiles now.
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