Boulder Trap for 28mm Tabletop Gaming by delilah_3dst

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3D model of ajade
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

A true classic of the genre, who doesn't like being chased down a corridor by a ton...Show more of rolling stone? Your party that's who!

A boulder trap for 28mm gaming. The first file is scaled to fit on a medium size base giving a boulder about 4 ft tall (at 28mm scale) that should certainly cramp your style. Or the larger version which fits on a large creatures base giving a boulder approx 10 ft tall (at 28mm scale) to recreate that proper Indy experience!

Both files are available in a few forms: the boulder by itself, the boulder on a base, the trap on a base with no boulder and the trap with boulder attached. The large scaled trap files all end with _large in the file name.

Supports are recommended

Painted examples were printed on an ender 3 using PLA+ with standard cura supports. Painted with Games Workshop paints
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