Tabaxi Barbarian for 28mm tabletop gaming by delilah_3dst

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3D model of ajade
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

A Tabaxi Barbarian for 28mm Tabletop gaming. The model is scaled to be about 8 foot tall...Show more at 28mm scale and is a medium creature in D&D terms. There are 2 files available, with and without foot support, I found that the foot support was necessary to get the model to print correctly, but you are welcome to try without if you want.

This miniature is actually my first ever fan art! Inspired by Bardus, the sabertoothed Tabaxi Barbarian from the Dice and Dummies podcast. If you want to listen to a slightly crazy D&D 5e podcast then give them a go!

The example minis were printed on an ender 3 and painted with Games Workshop paints
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