Ice Mephit for 28mm Tabletop Roleplaying by delilah_3dst

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3D model of ajade
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

An Ice Mephit for 28mm Tabletop Roleplaying. The creature is scaled to be a small creature...Show more in DnD terms.

The Ice Mephit is a cold creature both in physicality and mentality. They have the ability to hide as ordinary ice or, should ice not be available, to spread a cloud of frozen mist to conceal themselves in. For a low leveled creature they can cause a lot of nuisance which makes them great additions to a frost-themed adventure or boss fight.

The example minis were printed on an ender 3 and painted with Citadel paints. These guys seem to be about as small and spindly as my ender 3 can manage, if you have the option it may be worth using a resin printer.
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