Aerial Bombs for 28mm Wargaming by Jerry_3d

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The models were repaired and checked for printability.

These are objective markers for use in Bolt Action and other similar 28mm wargaming....Show more With apologies to Marvin the Martian please look at the attached scenario "An Earth Shattering Ka-Boom!". (you can find it under "Thing Files above) If you choose to try it out, feel free to adjust the scenario as you see fit. It is intended both as a fun scenario as well as one to force both players to make contact and just not stay at the table edge and snipe with your Uber-Tank(s).
When printing you will need to print the bomb itself and a bomb tail fin for each bomb. it you print bomb #3, be sure to use supports in the print slicer as it lays quite vertical to the plate.
You will likely find many other ideas to use these bombs in your gaming.
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