chaos navy: Battleship by Justin_D

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3D model of chaos_maker
The models were repaired and checked for printability.

This thing is strongly inspired by "Cadia Class Battleship"
by BiancaW

i...Show more love the idea but i think the model did miss .. something. so i started to do my own.

to be clear: this thing makes no sense.
what so ever.

it has not the right proportion to work as a real battleship. in the real world. but we know that in 40k anything is a bit different. but it looks kind of cool. and what more do we need?

it is not in scale. to anything. if you print it, print it in the size you like to put on a shelf ... or whatever. it is not meant to be part of a 40k game but i think it might be a cool addition to an EPIC setting.

i used a lot of bits from all over the place. if you think you might see something that you did design, just tell me and i put a link to your creation into it. i just cant find all the original pieces.
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