Let us introduce you to the Optimus

As a reference to Autobots’ leader, the inventors called their desktop printer Optimus. Perhaps the term printer is not the right word because Optimus is also a CNC machine and laser cutter. The team’s main idea was to invent a machine which allows creating a complete item, not just a prototype. “We wanted a machine capable of making things you cannot find in stores and also be able to make personal things like engraving your own name on your bag”, - says Tom Yang, the founder of Febtop Tech. Optimus is made up of several parts, so based on your needs, it can transform in less than 10 minutes without any additional calibration. The machine can 3D print, cut and engrave different materials from fabric and leather to aluminum and acrylic. The build volume of the Optimus’ 3D printer is 240x300 mm. It also has fans for cooling and a heated printing bed. Optimus has a work area of 500x500 mm in laser engraving mode. There are different degrees of power of the laser– for leather, wood, cutting or engraving, so users can select the power for the application they require. There is also a mobile app which can be used to assign the Optimus for CNC jobs. The inventors show all the possibilities of their “child,” making some really interesting stuff, and one of them also made a video where he demonstrates the strength of the basic module, standing atop an Optimus while it prints.

Gaining Popularity

Before the campaign on Indiegogo, Optimus had been shown to the public at least twice. In October, the inventors used their 3-in-1 printer in their workshop, where they educated children about the experience of 3D printing. Kids learned how to make models in TinkerCAD and 3D printed wheels for toy cars. Another introduction was on Sweden Demo Day - a free event for startups. Now the company has prepared more machines and started selling them in different configurations. The cheapest Optimus costs $979, but it includes only a 3D printer and the basic module for the whole machine. The complete package is selling for $1579, and it’s the most popular choice in the campaign.

Making Crafting Easier

Optimus can be very useful as it replaces three big and expensive makers’ instruments and rolls them all into one. So, there will be no need to search for different tools with this machine. 
Most of the machines available on Indiegogo have already been claimed and will begin shipping in March 2017. The second production of Optimus will be rolled out in April 2017.

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