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How can I print models from Thingiverse?

Thingiverse has the largest online 3D printing community of designers and makers where you can find more than 1,632,900 3D models. These include a lot of free to download files that can help your educational, cosplay, tinkering projects. Don’t have a 3D printer? Order models printed through the Treatstock network.

How it Works


Find a Design

Browse through the designs on Thingiverse, find the one you would like to print and download a 3D design.


Get it printed

Open Treatstock, press “Order 3D Print” and upload your 3D models.


Treat yourself!

Complete the form on our website and place the order.


Browse Thingiverse Designs

Helpful tips for printing free models from Thingiverse

  1. Check that the STL file is 3D printable.

    Not all STL files on Thingiverse are actually 3D printable. That is why we suggest reading comments from those who have already printed the design. If you would like to modify the 3D model, you can hire an experienced designer or try it yourself with Thingiverse Customizer.
  2. Follow the designer's recommendations.

    Be sure to read the summary, instructions and print settings written by the designer for important information on the type of material and 3D printing technology recommended for producing the design.
  3. Pay attention to the quantity and scale.

    For complex projects with many parts, double-check the number of parts you will need to assemble the Thing.
  4. Order “In Progress” Things on your own risk.

    Projects that are still in development would commonly have a bright orange bar at the top that suggests the work is still in progress. This indicates that there can be changes to the files or instructions themselves, so, as a result, the 3D file may be prone to clearance or printability issues.
  5. Check the size and scale of models before ordering.

    You should keep in mind that files on Thingiverse are made by amateur designers using their own measurements and scales. Therefore, you want to make sure the dimensions are correct on Step 1 of the ordering process to get an item fit.
  6. Printing several Things.

    When you need to 3D print more than one project, you can add the extra files in order to have all Things made and shipped together. To do so, download the additional files beforehand, then, during the ordering process click “Upload files”.

Order 3D Printed Parts

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