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About 3D-Fabrik

We founded our company in September 2013 with the goal in mind to bring the advantage of 3d-printing closer
to small and medium-sized businesses.

We sell industrial quality 3d-printers from different brands and furthermore offer 3d-printing as a service. We
also offer different 3d- scanner, 3d-scan service, filament and accessories.

We use all available filaments from Standard PLA or ABS to Nylon or PA with Carbonfiber.

Maximum build size available at this time 600 x 600 x 600 mm.

Design your own 3d-objects - to do so you can get free software from the internet. If you want
us to print a 3d-object for you, simply send us your 3d-file per mail and we print it out.

Our Service includes:

Printing or prototypes single or small series.

Printing for architecture and modeling.

Printing for medical technology.

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Rankweil, Vorarlberg, AT
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Incoterms EXW
Total Employees <10
Year established 2013


Mar 26, 2024
Printed on: Pro2 Plus
Material: Different materials Different colors
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