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About Australopitek

Started with a Rostock MAX v2 in January 2015. As an engineer, I tend to focus on technical objects. I've been working with nearby companies to build their prototypes, including white water kayaks, ceiling LCD lights, custom fireplaces, glass panel attachments, etc. I also help out local university students on their aeronautical school projects and architecture students with wild imagination.
I have large 3 printers:
My Rostock MAX V2 delta printer with minor customizations can handle parts that are up to 270mm/11in wide and 380mm/15in high, for PLA, nylon.
I scratch-built another larger delta with a 300mm bed, top quality DyzEnd hot end on carbon fiber arm with a stainless steel nozzle allowing me to print reliably abrasive materials like the carbon filled Colorfabb CF20) or high temperature filaments. Extruder is of floating type shortening the Bowden tube to 150mm opening the door to flexible filaments.
My third machine is a FolgerTech FT-5 cartesian printer with a large printing volume of 300x300x400mm, on a Titan Aero/Volcano extruder/head combo allowing flexibility in filament types: PLA, Nylons, PETG, Flexible and specialty.


Sep 9, 2021
Super nice quality. Buttons are a little scratched but only superficial. Can't feel the difference, and could fill if I really wanted to. Would gladly order again.
Printed on: Rostock Max V2
Material: Different materials Different colors
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