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Communication in English & German | Creation of the CAD file possible. With very simple parts this is inclusive on the order. Spare part orders are therefore possible without CAD knowledge on base of a sketch. | Multicolor prints are possible on request. | The default nozzle bore is 0.4mm or 0.6mm - on request this can be changed for bigger orders to anything from 0.2mm to 0.6mm, spezial nozzles for improved layer adhesion at the cost of surface finish and accuracy (0.4mm), food safe nozzles (non-certified, so non commerical applications but it's a stainless nozzle so should be good for private home use, 0.6mm) as well as very abrasive materials (0.4mm & 0.6mm) are available too. | I'm a hobbyist 3D Printer and and Tinkerer - I'm mostly offering the Hub here as a challenge for myself. So ordering from me you can expect extraordinary service as I'm trying to get the best result possible done - time is a non issue as I'm doing this for fun anyway and it's just nicer to print something useful and get a bit of money back on the investment than to just print the 2000th benchy. | All printers are fully enclosed and can print high temperature environment materials.
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
LocationRT, Baden-Württemberg, DE


Dec 12, 2019
Fast, high quality! Exactly as I wanted! Recoomend!
Printed on: Ultimaker 2
Material: PLA
Review image #1206362
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