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* High-Quality, fast and low-price 3D-Printing Service.
* Languages: Deutsch, English, Français.
* Many materials and colors: ABS, PLA, Resin, PETG, Nylon, TPU, Gold, Wood, Architectural, Moldlay, Flex, PVA, HIPS, BVOH.
* Technologies: FDM and High Quality DLP.
* Printers: Predominantly Flashforge Family printers (Industrial Creator 3, Hunter, Creator Pro, Adventurer).
* Maximal Build area: 300x250x200 mm.
* Ability to work with CAD to create your part from photos or from a building plan.
* Vacuum Forming: Order your individual form which you can use to fill with lots of materials from chocolate to resin, plaster, soap or wax.
I can also create negative or positve forms with Moldlay filament.
* I started with 3D Printing in 2017, and made some parts for myself, friends and family. In the past I used to work with CAD but nowadays work in a complete different Area in IT. 3D Printing is my Passion.
* I am always looking for challenging projects. If you have one, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that we can work out inspiring ideas. Just ask for a Quote.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 2018
LocationZürich, Zurich, CH


Jul 10, 2020
Printed on: FlashForge Creator Pro
Material: HIPS
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