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CADterpillar offer 3D printing and Computer Aided Design service based in Malaysia.

Through research and refinement over a year, we are able to deliver good quality prints consistently. Your file will be tuned to the best g-code slicing setting base on our experiences. (eg: infill percentage, support, temperature,bridging, retraction, speed, & other advanced setting). Hassle free, we will do it for you.
We use paid licensed software (S3D) to bring you the best effort on quality improvement. Our printer is well calibrated and able to print well in most of the online available torture test file.

We can help you to repair & optimize your files. Example issues are water tight, thin wall, exporting, dimension error, etc.

CADterpillar also offer 3d design services.
Simple customization of STL file can be done. (Free)
Example : adding name to your 3d model
: resize or dimension modification
: adding simple shape such as love, square, triangle


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