About Carbon Based Lifestyle

We have been 3D printing since 2011 and excel at working with the more exotic plastics such as nylon, PETG, polycarbonate, carbon fiber-filled filaments, metal-filled filaments, wood-filled filaments, etc. We are also open to purchasing any filament not currently in our inventory. Of course, we do just fine with PLA and ABS as well.

Apart from straight printing, we also provide design and prototyping services. We have helped to produce medical products, toys, motorcycle parts, sporting goods, and many others.

Our approach to contract work is to break the project up into parts and give you an estimate ahead of time for each part to minimize risk and expenditure on your part, and wasted effort on ours. Our goal is to work with you so there will be no surprises.
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Total Employees <10
Year established 2009
Annual turnover ($) 5000


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