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I specialize in quality and affordable parts made from engineering and high-performance plastics. I can print large objects in most materials without warping inside my convection-heated chamber.

Orders are finished to be very close to the dimensions in the provided STL, so please contact me with revised values if the part has tight tolerances and extra clearance designed into the file to compensate for the manufacturing method.

Feel free to message me with any questions.
Business type Service Business
LocationBates City, Missouri, US


Sep 16, 2019
Ken is amazing - given a very difficult print that wouldn't have worked given my dimensions and tolerances, he managed to get me more than acceptable parts at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers by working closely with me to ensure what arrived would suit my needs. He went above and beyond, putting in more hours than I think he would care to admit to!
Printed on: Creality CR-10
Material: PC
Review image #933705Review image #933701
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