Manufacturing platform based in Madrid, Spain, run by architects where you can prototype your own models with laser cutter Universal Laser Systems (600x300x5 mm) and 3D printer farm with Ultimakers 2+ and 3+ Ext (200x200x200/300 mm).
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Partnership
Total Employees -
Year established 2019
LocationMadrid, Community of Madrid, ES


Sep 17, 2019
FABDEFAB is a prototyping shop based in Madrid, Spain. They provide 3D printing with FDM machines and different types of materials like PLA, Flex and ABS. The vendor also operates a Laser Cutting and engraving unit available for wood, plastics, metals, stone, and glass. The test part had been completed within a day. It was finished to good quality: details are accurate, dimensions are precise and the surface is quite smooth.
Printed on: Ultimaker 2+
Material: PLA
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