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We like print any 3D object, and much more view others enjoying it. Anything: home accessories, mechanical and prototype components. They are welcome and we enjoy with the 3D print.

ABS, PLA or flexible filaments we love to print. But also we like make experiments with others materials. Also we make final finishing for ABS and PLA with acetone and tetrahydrofuran, for smooth surfaces.

The 3d design its powerful and we like play with CAD programs for create inventions and accessories or repair home stuff. We also like 3D modeling to create cartoons or characters in 3D.

If you need something, talk with us!
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Jan 31, 2020
El vendedor nunca defrauda; ya le he hecho numerosos pedidos y estoy encantado.
Response: Un placer hacer negocios contigo.
Printed on: Prusa i3 Steel
Material: PLA
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