About Harding3D LLC

Located in Gilbert, Arizona Harding3D is dedicated to providing scale-accurate printed parts for students, designers, engineers, architects, and hobbyists. Our small team is focused on delivering quality parts with superior service from start to finish and are able to achieve this goal because of our backlog of experience, high quality machines, and stringent quality standards.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Total Employees <10
Year established 2017
Annual turnover ($) 10000


Sep 7, 2019
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Work Examples / Production Process

IMG_0192.jpgIMG_0191.jpg1.pngIMG_4519 (3).JPGIMG_4533 (2).JPGIMG_42261.jpgPangolin.jpgIMG_3552.JPG6.JPGIMG_3582.JPGIMG_3265.JPGIMG_3778.JPGMatt3.jpgIMG_3332.JPGIMG_3424.JPGIMG_3475.JPGIMG_3551.JPGIMG_3565.JPGIMG_3576.JPGE36AD548-D90A-4E8B-8A33-A53401F8867C.JPG