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J. Kelly Craft and Trade is focused on learning and exploring what is possible with both new technologies and old school techniques. We are focused on using the latest in 3D printing and helping our customers reach their goals.
Business type Service Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 2017
Annual turnover ($) 10000
LocationTrappe, Pennsylvania, US


Oct 20, 2020
I had ordered a 3D print of a figurine for one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters. The final product looks fantastic - only a couple of tiny spruing marks here and there which will probably go away as soon as I paint it. And I received it actually much faster than I was expecting to. As far as communication is concerned, I didn't ever have any need to interact directly with the supplier, as there were never any problems whatsoever, but for their part they were very prompt in updating where they were in the process. I was completely satisfied with this transaction.
Printed on: Photon
Material: Different materials Different colors
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