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My Name is Paul I started 3d Printing 3 years ago with my first machine a Monoprice Select Mini. I have since acquired More over the Years. I even tapped into Resin Printing. I started wondering how i could do this as a business for the last year or so, was messaged by Treatstock and looked into to it. Here I am hoping that I can Satisfy your 3D Printing needs.

Krupa Printing
Bringing Creations into Reality
Business type Service Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees -
Year established 2020
LocationMoses Lake, WA, US


Aug 9, 2020
Printed on: S400-S
Material: Resin
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Work Examples / Production Process

predator figure.jpgyoda.jpgsnowman.jpgPrinter Case.jpgchewy baby.jpg20200112_203406.jpg20200117_122515.jpg20191112_160005.jpg20190322_231933.jpg20190511_192809.jpg20190522_201300.jpg20190830_214402.jpg20190915_090428.jpg20200108_015349.jpg20200112_203127.jpg20200511_163922.jpg20200510_120414.jpg20200408_145827.jpg