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We are a full scale modern prototyping service offering you accurate prototypes that we are able to finish them in texture and colour of customer`s choice. We are equiped with all the modern technology to make your dream product come true. We are able to 3Dprint, CNC plastics/wood/metal, CNC laser cut or CNC hot wire cut and machine produts to the finest details.
Business type Service Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 2006


Nov 2, 2020
I am a SW engineering designing a little computer with an aluminum case. Modelarna were most helpful as they responded not just with a decent price, but also by modifying my STL with all the sharp corners fileted-out. They advised me to start using AutoDesk instead of 3D Builder. My case is small but with intricate details: body+lid, an opening for LCD, a recess for a screen lens, many holes for connectors and screws, 3 internal pillars. Their “machinist” guided me all the way during my struggle with AutoDesk, often doing certain details himself. He insisted that I should measure over and over to make sure everything is right. They can also anodise and laser-etch labels, so I wanted those too and went through very many cycles of engineering with them. They were just great to be so patient in what must be the longest conversation thread in the history of Treatstock. Way beyond the price. All the while, I felt like a samurai who ordered a katana to the only craftsmen in the Empire.
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Treatstock Service 3 years
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