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Hi, I'm a friendly guy that help's you with your projects :)
I offer 3D printing with general purpose plastic, PLA, PETG, Nylon 910, Carbon-fiber-PLA, WoodFill PLA, ABS and more if needed. I work and ship fast, same day if possible (I start printing immediately once I receive the order and I ship it directly once it's done). Can help with solving problems or if you have/need other suggestions. Default print quality is 0.2mm per layer, you can ask for other settings.
Max printing size: 400*350*425mm.
I can design as well.
Ask me about anything.
Some materials/colors are not available yet in this website, I'm working on this, but ask me anyway even if it's not listed.

I offer pick-up in Robertsfors.


Aug 7, 2017
Printed on: FolgerTech FT5 and Trium3D
Material: PETG
Review image #101078
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