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Looking for a durable-high impact material? We now offer PLA 3d870. Printed according to your specifications and requirements. If you need any other custom options feel free to contact me for a quote. Capable of large batch orders. I can design custom parts as well.

I have 3D-printers that have been modified and changed for use with specific materials and/or task, etc. Which allows options on what will provide the best quality for each specific job. If you’re looking for a reliable partner, where communication is important, and will not rest until you are happy, then Silva Technologies is exactly what you need.

● Most orders printed within 24 hours and mailed out next business day.

● Fast communication, most messages are answered within one hour.

● Capable of large batch orders.

● Design & print custom parts.

● PLA 3D870 offers 4.3 times the impact strength of standard PLA

(My Background)

I have been in the professional IT business for over 20 years. Originally, I got into 3D printing, to create custom products for my clients, that are not readily available. Some of these parts I have designed myself, for purposes such as custom computer builds, network setups, etc. Due to the health conditions of my wife, I have to look for work, that I can easily do from home so I can care for her needs. It is for this reason, that I have decided to take my skills & offer these additional services to create an additional revenue stream. This will allow me to better care for my wife.
Business type Service Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees <10
Year established 2000
LocationSonora, California, US


Jan 23, 2021
Printed on: Upgraded Ender 3 (See desc. for details.)
Material: PLA 3D870 (APLA)
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