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My print service is tailored to help makers and hobbyists realize their creations and ideas (though if you just want to print something fun, I can do that too).

If your concept is in the idea stage, I am also an experienced CAD designer. I can help you put together a model for prototyping and/or help by recommending materials and processes for the prototyping.

I also have access to a Matter and Form 3D scanner if you need to get something replicated.

I have two large format machines (~200mmx200mmx150mm, though these dimensions can be stretched a little). They are:

1) UpBox+ - FDM machine which prints PLA and ABS. PLA is the material of choice for quick and bulky parts. It is inexpensive and fairly flexible. ABS is good for smaller parts which need to be tough and moderately temperature insensitive. Both materials have decent resolution and detail, though the technology is more for larger, lighter, smoother plastic parts.

2) Formlabs Form2 - SLA machine which prints in a variety of resins. The most popular is it's standard resin which produces high detail and accurate parts. The most popular colors for this are clear and black. I also have the tough resin in stock which can be used to produce functional parts. The tough resin isn't as accurate, but it can take a lot of punishment.

Please submit any questions or ideas you'd like to make a reality. I am always happy to help.


Jul 11, 2019
Printed on: Form 2
Material: Resin
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