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Machine type

3D Printer


SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)



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Build Volume 340 x 340 x 620 mm (13.4 x 13.4 x 24.4 in.)
Layer Resolution Low 150 mm (0.006 in.)
Layer Resolution High 100 micron (0.004 in.)

About EOS P390

Plastic laser-sintering system for the direct manufacture of series, spare parts, functional prototypes and patterns for investment or vacuum casting

New Benchmark in Terms of Productivity and Flexibility

EOSINT P 390 offers economical solutions for a broad range of applications. It is a highly productive system for processing thermoplastics. The machine manufactures plastic products of any complexity from polyamide or polystyrene materials directly from CAD data and within a very short time. Especially for individualized products or for products with complex geometries the machine unleashes its full potential. IntelliScan 20, a digital scanner of the latest generation, exposes the respective layers in a so-far unknown speed and stands for highest precision. 
EOSINT P 390 builds end products, fully functional parts as well as high-quality patterns for plaster, investment and vacuum casting in a few hours. The system builds up to thousands of different products or components at the same time and in a single process. New components can even be added during the production process. Once built, the parts are removed from the process chamber. The next order starts immediately.
EOSINT P 390 creates products without support structures. That saves time and costs. The build volume of the machine is 340 mm x 340 mm x 620 mm (13.4 x 13.4 x 24.4 in). Thus the system also creates larger plastic components in a single process. The volume also allows the efficient production of a broad range of plastic goods, be it for the medical device industry, the automotive or aerospace industry.

Integration into an Industrial Environment

EOSINT P 390 distinguishes itself by ergonomic peripheral devices and a high level of automation. These features ensure highest user friendliness, the optimal utilization of the machine capacity and excellent integration into an industrial environment. 
In order to optimize the process flow, EOSINT P 390 offers an Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM). This concept includes automatic powder conveying, an unpacking and sieving station with exchangeable frame docking system, as well as powder recycling.

Automatically to Highest Productivity

EOS offers different software packages for the preparation of the three-dimensional CAD data. EOSPACE is just one of them. The software places parts in a surface-oriented way. EOSPACE guarantees an optimum utilization of the build envelope and minimizes the build height. As a consequence, turn-around times and costs decrease.

The EOSINT P 390 offers the flexibility of a Rapid Technology, combined with the automation and efficiency of series production.

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