FSL3D Pegasus Touch

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Machine type

3D Printer


SLA (Stereolithography)


Resin, Castable Resin, Flexible Resin

Average Price


Build Volume 177 x 177 x 228 mm (7 x 7 x 8 in.)
Layer Resolution Low 100 micron (0.004 in.)
Layer Resolution High 25 micron (0.001 in.)


About Pegasus Touch


  • laser precision for superior output quality
  • uses UV laser to cure light sensitive resin for superb 3D Printed finish
  • standalone printing: built-in touchscreen Linux computer with 3D App Store
  • USB, Ethernet, WiFi interfaces
  • up to 7"x7"x8" build area
  • powerful desktop software with automatic supports/slicing
  • compact footprint: 11"x14"x22.5"
  • Use finely tuned FSL3D resins or buy optional open resin license for 3rd party materials

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