• Easy formability
  • High strength-to-density ratio
  • Malleable
  • Ductile
  • Smooth surface

About Castable Wax (for 3D printing)

Castable Wax is a material that can be 3D printed and then used in lost-wax process and is often used for casting precious metals like gold and silver.

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Wax that is used for 3D printing and is similar to the one that is used by jewelers for "old-fashioned" casting. Apart from castable photopolymers that are also used for 3D printing, this material is considered to be "100% real wax". In other words, the chance of casting faults is almost zero. High quality manufacturing is carried out by Solidscape or Multi-jet 3D Printers, for instance. 3D printed wax burns out completely at relatively low temperatures and in less time than resin-based materials. It's important to keep in mind that such wax is soluble in ester, aromatic solvent, ether, chloroform and ketone. Overall, 3D printing with castable wax should be used for delicate products that are impossible to make using CNC machines. Otherwise, machining in general is more preferable.

Common Uses

  • Metal casting prototyping
  • Customized metal parts

FDM 3D printing with wax filament

Wax filament is used for FDM 3D printing which makes it much more affordable - generally, it's a plastic that displays wax properties. Though, when used for lost wax casting, the burnout is much cleaner than using plastic filament. This product can also be polished, machined, and carved easier than plastic filaments.


  • Design & Casting Versatility
  • Intricate Design
  • Burnout at lower temperatres


  • Very fragile

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