Daisy - Door Handle (Round)

Product price ≥ 1 piece at $15.00/pc.
≥ 10 pieces at $12.00/pc.
≥ 100 piece at $10.00/pc.
Ship from 63322 Rödermark, Germany
Supply ability 40 pieces / day
Avg. production time 1 day
Product packaging Poly bags
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
    PLA - BioCompatible
    Door Diameter (Min-Max)
    Ø 17-22 mm
    Purple - Black - Glow-in-The-Dark
    130 x 35 x 26 mm


    Daisy - Door Handle (Round)

    "DAISY" - The Support for the handless opening of doors makes it easy to operate the door handle with your forearm. Viruses are not passed on through the door handle and their spread is thus reduced. Especially in the current time of Corona, it is an additional hygiene protection. No more bending if you don't want to use your hands.


    Accessories [Screws,Rubber Pads,Nuts] are Included.

    Visual 3D models



    Product can be individualized by different writings / text on the Handle as well as Color (Possible starting from 50 Pcs.)