HBD-150 Metal 3D Printer with CE marking

Product price $99,999.00
Ship from Shanghai, China
Product packaging Chipboard packaging
Shipping packaging Pallet
Incoterms FOB
    Forming Size
    Laser Power
    200W / 200W×2
    Layer Thickness
    Scanning Track Width
    Scanning Speed
    Oxygen Content
    Protective Atmosphere
    Protective Atmosphere
    Relative Density
    Nearly 100%
    Typical Accuracy
    Metal Power
    Stainless steel, Cobalt-chrome alloy, Tool steel, Titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, Hastelloy, and some precious metals
    Software Package
    Full opening within hardware allowed
    Processing Parameter Package
    Equipped and customizable


    HBD-150 Metal 3D Printer with CE marking

    With round base plate, HBD-150 is equipped with efficient and safe independent atmosphere purification system, sealed glove structure. It also reserves sealed powder adding and powder clearing holes, which could enable adding powder and clearing powder without opening the chamber door, providing safe and stable titanium printing solutions. HBD-150 could be applied in fields including dentistry, prototype, education and scientific research and customization etc.


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