Oatey Shower Drain Hair Catcher

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Ship from Berlin, CT, USA
Product packaging Corrugated boxes
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
Incoterms FOB


Oatey Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Shower drain hair catcher insert for Oatey shower drain brand drains. 

After living in the new house for 8 months shower started to drain very slow and water pooling. 
After gross drain clearing and removing large amount of hair decided to try few products that are on the market. 
However, they were all above drain and also created slow water drainage and pooling. 

Decided to 3D design and print custom hair catcher that fits into Oatey shower drain. 

How it works? 
You pull the drain cover insert the adapter and replace the cover. 
After few days or weeks depending on the amount of hair you remove the drain cover take out the adapter and empty out the hair and debris caught into the trash can. 
Replace the emptied adapter and drain cover until next time.

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