Flower pot

Product price €15.00
Ship from Gijón, Asturias, Spain
Supply ability 7 pieces / day
Avg. production time 1 day
Product packaging Paperboard boxes
Shipping packaging Corrugated box
Flower pot


Flower pot

It is a fower pot with two holes for putting there two different type of flowers or what you want to put. It is made with a PLA with rock aspect. In my opinion the filament is quite good for this type of flowerpot. Simple and minimal that fits quite good in any home.

The measurements are: 20.8 cm long, 10.1 cm width and 10 cm the highest part.

First hole measurements: 10 cm long, 9.3 cm widht, 10 cm high.

Second hole measurement, 9.2 cm long, 9.3 cm width, 7.2 cm high.

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