Product price ≥ 25 pieces at $3.94/pc.
≥ 50 pieces at $3.39/pc.
≥ 100 pieces at $2.71/pc.
≥ 250 piece at $2.54/pc.
Min. order 25 pieces
    Base Material
    Printed on 3M .002 Premium White Polyester
    3M .001 Ultra-Clear Polyester
    Adhesive Backing
    3M .0018 Premium Acrylic
    Standard Sizes
    Standard label sizes available as well as almost any custom size
    Outdoor Durability
    Water Resistance
    Chemical Resistance
    Temperature Resistance
    -40°F to 300°F
    Installation Temperature
    50°F or higher


    Strong Magnetic Field Sign

    Clarion P material is our Premium Polyester indoor label material. It is primarily used for product safety labeling but is suitable for a variety of applications where high performance is a requirement. Such applications include but are not limited to barcode labels and rating plates, property ID and asset labeling, warning, instruction and service labels, and nameplates for durable goods. The use of the 3M standard polyester overlaminate provides an exceptional degree of humidity, chemical, and solvent resistance.

    Expected Life

    Indoor: Long term Outdoor: 2-4 years (expected outdoor life may vary due to climatic conditions)