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Storage box for 12 Nintendo Switch cartridges or 24 MicroSD cards.

Here's an amazing little cube that will surprise you. Amazing because it fits in your...Show more hand (5.1 cm) and holds 12 cartridges. It will surprise you because when you open it, you can see all your cartridges at a glance. You don't have to pull out each cartridge until you find the right one. It will surprise you because you can insert and remove your cartridges without any effort and without any click. Your cartridges are perfectly held and will not be damaged during handling. Finally, its appearance is unique. You can display it proudly next to your console, no need to put it in a drawer.

This is M002 model with embossed patterns.

Parts :
1 - Bottom Face.stl --> 1
2 - Right Face.stl --> 1
3 - Left Face.stl --> 1
4 - Rear Face.stl --> 1
5 - Top Face.stl --> 1
6 - Front Face.stl --> 1
7 - Button.stl --> 1
8 - First Link.stl --> 1
9 - Link.stl --> 4
10 - Last Link.stl --> 1
11 - Hinge.stl --> 5
12 - MicroSD Adapter.stl --> 0 to 12(as many as you want)
13 - Cube Stand.stl --> 0 or 1

You will find the assembly guide here : https://youtu.be/1p5rXxDVKFE

3D Printing Settings (for print service) :
Layer height: 0.2 mm
Material: PLA (tested), PETG (tested), ABS (probably possible, not tested)

Only First Link.stl must be printed with supports.

The first layer above the embossments (the fourth layer actually) should be printed perpendicular to the direction of the embossing patterns. The 6 outer faces of the cube are already oriented for it to work correctly in cura. If you are using another slicer, check the printing direction.

For the temperatures and printing speeds, you can use the parameters that you master, depending on your printer and your filament.

This object is articulated and requires a high level of precision. Adherence to the build plate is therefore essential. The slightest deformation due to warping would compromise the correct opening and closing of the box.
If you decide to assemble it (for testing purpose), you will find instructions here : https://youtu.be/1p5rXxDVKFE
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