3D printing is revolutionizing low-volume manufacturing and might eventually change our way of all production as we know it. Some industries only think about the advantages of additive manufacturing, others can’t see their future without it. Read about top 10 Industries using additive manufacturing and learn how your business can benefit from it! So what is 3d printing used for?

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10. 3D Printing Sex Toys

Affordable and quick customization is one of the main advantages of 3D printing, this has helped lead the industry of adult toys into additive manufacturing. 3D printed adult toys are only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to place orders that perfectly fit the customer’s specifications.

9. 3D Printing Death Care Industry

People are usually not too comfortable to talk about it, but there are businesses centered around dealing with the deceased. For instance, a company from Spain, Narbon, launched “3D Memories”. It allows you to 3D print ceramic objects made with the ashes of the cremated. Such services have become quite popular.

8. Construction 3D printing

3D printing is starting to push its way more so into the construction industry. It is being used for fabricating walls, houses, and even bridges! These objects can be made in a matter of days, not months! One of the most impressive feats of 3D printing has been achieved by a Chinese company that printed a five-story house in a matter of days.

7. 3D printing for Marketing

The marketing industry is huge, and 3D printing has had an enormous influence on it, especially when we talk about advertisement campaigns and making demonstrative presentations. It is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. With 3D printing, marketing and advertising agencies can have all the benefits of the product “visibly,” even if it doesn’t yet exist.

6. 3D Printing Mechanical Engineering

Thanks to 3D printing, the time required for manufacturing has shortened significantly. The level of accuracy is getting more precise every day. Additive manufacturing is used in all kinds of engineering, including mechanical. 3D printing in metal makes it possible to create objects with a complicated shape that is “impossible” to make, or too expensive to produce using other manufacturing technologies.

 Best 3D printing services

5. 3D Printing Health Sector

The medical industry is one of the most vital and most expensive. Application 3D printing in the health industry helps to lessen the cost of existing methods of treatment and rehabilitation. For example, 3D printed functional prosthetics can be made for hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands. Surgeons are also using replicas of organs to practice before an operation and foresee all potential problems they may experience.

4. 3D Printing Dentistry

Rapid prototyping can replace some time-consuming manual processes. 3D printing technology can reduce the time of treatment, make it more efficient, less traumatic and expensive. Here is a short list of what additive manufacturing has to offer: bridges, impression tray, crowns, surgical drill guides, night guards, bite guards and much more.

3. 3D Printing Jewelry

3D printing is the perfect technology for Jewelry and has had a great impact on this industry. Casting is much cheaper, easier and faster. Using SLA and DLP 3D printers can increase productivity and save the jeweler time and money. Many upcoming 3D printing services specialize in jewelry making.

2. Advantages of 3D printing in the Aircraft Industry

Aircraft manufacturers widely use 3D printing in metal and plastic to reduce costs. For instance, Boeing plans to use 3D printed structural, titanium parts for their innovative 787 Dreamliner. That can save them up to $3 million per plane. An additional benefit of using 3D printed parts is that they weigh less, something essential for engineering aircraft.

1. 3D Printing in the Space Industry

Space industry might be one of the most expensive ones, that’s why applying new technologies including 3D printing is so important. For example, Space X is one of the first companies that made their manufacturing process more optimized thanks to additive manufacturing. NASA has also saved millions of dollars using additive manufacturing, and they successfully tested a rocket engine that was made with 3D printed parts.


There are many more areas in which 3D printing can be applied. We have prepared for you a series of articles about the use of additive manufacturing in different industries. Subscribe to our RSS to get notified about new publications!  

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