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3D Printing Junkies is a home operated 3D printing business. We aim to provide high quality and affordable 3D services to all.
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- 3D Printing Junkies Team
Business type Service Business
Ownership Other
Total Employees <10
Year established 2017
Annual turnover ($) 726
LocationMckinney, TX, US


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FileCertificationCertifierApplicationIssue DateExpire Date
Associate Additive Manufacturing VirtualTester Online, Tangix Design & DevelopApr 17, 2019(not set)


Jun 22, 2020
Printed on: Qidi Tech I
Material: Different materials Different colors
Review image #1864806Review image #1864807Review image #1864805Review image #1864803
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Work Examples / Production Process

81540658_2849431381754870_6443387212510789632_o.jpg20200311_085349.jpg13494799_1350358291646566_7064302597031766432_n.jpg20190724_144931.jpgfinished fob 3d print.jpgIMG_20190120_231608.jpgprototype 4.jpgIMG_20190120_224754.jpgIMG_20190122_010451.jpgIMG_20190122_010412.jpg20200205_135307.jpg20200201_115445.jpg20200509_002036_HDR.jpg20200511_144415.jpg20200509_104457_HDR.jpg20200419_101504.jpg20200315_202556.jpg20200414_065418.jpg20200414_161838_HDR.jpg