Industrial Grade SLA 3D Printer with SGS CE Certification

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    Industrial Grade SLA 3D Printer with SGS CE Certification

    About us:

    Magforms is a leading high-tech enterprise which focuses on industrial grade SLA 3D printers and photopholymer resin development, manufacture,  sales and service.

    Our printer is an open source printer with top international brands of components such as Panasonic and Schneider hardwares, Scanlab galvanometer and Omron electrical components etc...

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    ItemHelios-P 600
    Build Envelope Capacity (mm)600×600×500
    Slicing Thickness0.05-0.15mm
    Recoater RimGranite
    Machine Size (mm)1490x1580x1970
    Small Beam Size0.15-0.2mm
    Large Beam Size0.5-0.65mm



    - We provide one stop shop service, our resin is fully compatible with our printer, which guarantees a high performance resin performance and very reliable after-sale service.

    - Variety of laser beam spots for printing is available, provides high printing speed and smooth printing surface.

    - We have engineer with rich experience and proven techinique to test, debug and maintain the machine.