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Why my print service does not appear on the list?

If your print service doesn’t come up on the list in the Catalog and in the instant order, please check out the following:

  • Is your company information approved? We do a quick check of your company information before publishing it on the list. You should get an email notification once the company is approved.
  • Do you have active 3D printers? Check your Services section and ensure that you have at least one 3D printer that is set as active and has a “checked” status. Printers are moderated before being published but if your test order is completed the process shouldn’t take longer than 1 business day.
  • Are there many orders in your queue? If there are several incomplete orders you are working on simultaneously, we recommend you to provide print results for them before taking more jobs.

When you search for your print service in the instant order, make sure you are selecting location, material and color that are added to your machine. Also, check if the model you upload fits the build volume of a 3D printer you are trying to find on the list.

If any of the cases above don’t seem to be the reason for your issue, please contact our support team.

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