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How can I sell my 3D models?

First, you need to create an account and then sign in. Scroll over to the top right corner of your screen with your avatar and username, find the My Business section and click on Become a supplier. You will need to edit your 3D model store information, including the name and description. We suggest describing your 3D design experience and your skills as a 3D modeler - this information can be edited later. You can also upload a logo, public banner and some work examples in your portfolio, as well as insert links to your website and social media accounts. After your store information is saved, you should provide your phone number, and check and confirm account settings.

Now you will have more options in the My Business dashboard. To publish 3D models for sale, select the Products tab and click on Add New Product. In the drop-down select 3D model, then either click on Browse files and choose which files you would like to upload, or drag and drop the files into the upload window. If you are uploading a kit, you need to upload an image of the kit fully assembled, and we also recommend to edit the default quantity of each file. Once you have uploaded your files, you need to provide a title, a minimum of 5 tags, description and price of the model per print. If models, which you want to sell require a certain manufacturing technology or material, you can change the material & color, so customers would see these preferences as default. Once you are happy with the results, press Publish to store or Save unpublished.

If you select Publish to store, your model will be moderated, and once approved everyone who searches the site can see your design. If you choose to Save unpublished, your model will not be visible to users of the website and will be saved in Products for you to edit and publish in the future.


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