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How can I make an offer for a customer?

There are several ways to create a preorder for your customer:

  • Navigate to your Sales section and select the “Quotes/Invoices” tab. In the right corner, use the “Create Quote” button and proceed to fill in the details on your offer.
  • Use the “Make offer” button at the bottom of your dialog with a customer to create a preorder for them.
  • Open the user’s page and find the “Make offer” button at the bottom of it.

No matter which way you choose, proceed to enter the customer’s email address (if required) as well as the deadline, description and add services with costs. Additionally, you can add your products (if there are any). Finish by clicking on “Submit quote”.

This will create a preorder and send your offer to the customer to check. If the customer accepts your offer and pays for it, you’ll see a new order in your queue.

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