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Helpful tips to be the best 3D printing service and have more orders

On our website, customers can sort through print services by price, location or rating. While the first two are clear cut, the rating system is more complex and when ranking services we also take into consideration such things as certification, a number of completed orders and review marks. In this article, we’ll try to provide an insight into how some simple changes can improve your ranking and bring more orders on our platform and outside of it as well.

  1. List All Materials & Colors

    Through an instant quote, you can only receive orders based on the materials and colors that you offer on the site. Therefore, the more materials and colors you add to your printers, the better your chances of being visible to customers when they’re deciding who to place their order with. The moment they choose a material or color you don’t have, your service will not be shown on the list. If you have exotic materials and rare colors, this can play a huge advantage for you and a chance to leave competitors behind. In case your rare material is missing in the list, message us, so we can add it.
  2. Offer Competitive Prices

    When you first join Treatstock, it’s best to start with lower prices to compete with established print services and build up a reputation with positive reviews. As time goes by, you can begin to increase your rates, but be sure to keep them competitive so that you’ll still appear on the first page of the list. The further down the list you position yourself, the less likely you are to be found by customers. For a guide on approximate costs, check out our help center page here.
  3. Keep information on your page up to date

    Ensure that listed services and materials are always up to date, so you won’t mislead or lose customers.
  4. High-Quality Finish

    The smoother the surface finish is, the better your reviews will be for quality. Try to show the best quality with your prints and build up that reputation.
  5. Get certified

    You can also stand apart from your competitors by getting a certification that not only helps your ranking, but also means that you can receive orders from several of our API partners who work exclusively with only certified printers. To read more about certification, please click here.
  6. Upload Clear Photos

    Did you know that the photos you upload for moderation can be used by your customers in their reviews and are even featured on the homepage? When taking photos, we recommend using a solid background so your prints are the focal point, as well as good lighting to clearly showcase the quality of your work to everyone on the site.
  7. Reliable Delivery Service

    Clients have shown that they prefer to have their orders shipped more often than not, and the last thing you want is to print the order fast but be let down by a slow delivery service resulting in a poor rating for speed in customer reviews. Choose a postal service with a good track record of delivering packages without delays. Click here to learn more about our shipping guidelines.
  8. Ship with tracking numbers to ensure the item’s delivery on time

    In case you don’t use Treatstock delivery, we recommend you not cheapening out on tracking options. Shipments, especially international ones, may be delayed, lost or returned. Delivery with tracking can at least allow customers to monitor their packages and be aware of its location. It also helps closing orders quicker in cases a customer doesn’t mark an order as delivered themselves.
  9. Be responsive

    The crucial part of providing a custom service is communication. There is no need to have a friendly chat with each customer, however, it is important to follow up on important matters such as ETA, progress or questions from customers. Along with high quality, good response rate and politeness are what make people returning customers.
  10. Complete Orders that you Get

    If you cancel orders or fail to accept print requests in time, not only will you lose the trust of customers, but our ranking system will also take notice. To put it simply, the more orders you can successfully complete, the higher your ranking will be. To ensure you complete as many orders as possible, switch notifications on for both your email and mobile phone, set a minimum order charge to avoid any discrepancies in prices.
  11. List other services aside from 3D printing that you provide

    Are you familiar with 3D designing or maybe doing laser cutting? List other manufacturing services aside from 3D printing services to widen prospects.
  12. Add Service widget to your website

    Service widget allows getting orders from your own visitors. It is an analog of our usual price calculating widget, however, you are going to be the only print service displayed on the list. All orders received this way will be displayed in your Sales section along with all other ongoing jobs. Instant price calculation is a good add-on for your site to increase conversion rates and allow customers to place their orders in a few easy steps.
    Prefer freedom of custom quotes more? Then, you can test out a Get a Quote widget instead. Visitors will just need to fill in a brief description of their project and attach files if they have some. And you will be able to estimate their project’s cost yourself as usual. No back and forth emails or contact forms will be required, and the process for you is a simple copy and paste.
  13. Promote your services online

    Social media and organic search allow connecting you with local customers and prospects interested in the service you provide. Thus, don’t ignore these tools and try to be present on the platforms your prospects use.
  14. Share your works and reviews

    Research shows that customers are checking at least 3 reviews before making a purchase decision. Share your Treatstock reviews on social media, messengers and more. That can give a better picture of your company and showcase the experience you have as well as keep your pages active.

As you can see, these small tips are quite easy to follow but are super effective on our platform, especially when you combine all of them together. So, give it a go and see how it works for you.

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